Why choose Toppy Plastic Pallets?

Toppy is the global leader company fo pallet exchanger machines, offering also a wide range of durable plastic pallets.

Fast Shipping

Serious needs, record times!


Safety first, and always.

High Quality

Not joking… Toppy’s brand is for real!

Factory Exploration

Take a quick look at the video on the left for a rapid digital tour of our factory in Bologna, Italy.


They are made from recycled materials and are reusable, which can reduce the need for new resources and decrease waste in landfills. Additionally, they can be recycled at the end of their lifespan, contributing to a more sustainable supply chain.

Our pallets are of the highest quality and assure long-lasting durability. Additionally, they come with a warranty that covers manufacturing defects and ensures customer satisfaction.

Of course! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts, and we’ll ensure you get the best offer possible!

Toppy’s mission is to provide cutting-edge solutions that meet the needs of comapnies while simultaneously benefiting the environment through the delivery of sustainable solutions.

Toppy became a B-Corp to align its business practices with a commitment to social and environmental responsibility, prioritizing a positive impact alongside financial success